Would you prefer a map made by a person with a better, or a lower-rate computer?

Not a poll thread or anything, I just wanted to know.

But yeah, would you prefer a good map made by someone with a 1337 uber computer that runs at 300 FPS all the time, or someone like me who can’t really run that well and has about 15 - 30 FPS all the time?

In my opinion, good maps made by people with lesser computers are better, because then they know that the map will not be as laggy for them and people with lower-grade.

People with higher ones can’t really tell and must beta with lower-end computer owners, which risks with people releasing it.

But what’s your opinion, though?

I would prefer a low rate comp (as I have one) for the exact reason.

The computer does not make the mapper.

The better mapper measures in Visleafs, not FPS. Therefore, it doesn’t matter.

Well it does, cause if there was no computer what would you map with…

You know what he meant.

IMO it doesn’t matter, it would probably get finished faster with the 1337 computer though.

If the map is badly optimized it tends to lag on both an über comp and a low-end one, because of the engine.

I disagree somewhat. You can have the most beautifully defined visleafs ever, and yet nobody will want to play your map if you are loading the engine up with a floor made from func_refleciveglass and everybody gets an fps of 2.