Would You Raid It?

Dude on my server built a 7X7X20 base and from what I can see he’s made each room inside a 1X1 which means at the bare minimum it will require 98 C4 per floor or 1960 C4 to clear it. Assuming he’s put a small chest in each room, would you even make an attempt at this base or would you just saw screw it and leave it be?

just ask the admin for C4 and it would be easy

If your “friend” can have building parts spawned then another guy might get C4 spawned :wink:

He’s not my friend at all, he’s a complete d-bag and I’d love to raid his base but there is no way it’s worth it. Our server is super strict, I don’t think he had anything spawned, he’s just been building over the last 2 months.

2 months you could easily get something that size, especially if he had a friend or two help with resources, or he just raids alot. Personally i probably would avoid it. As low and dirty as it would be, id harrass the hell out of the guy when hes in the field, possibly force him to leave the server, then wait for his base to start to decay and raid when the walls drop

Honestly, you’d have to just start to be smart about it.

That many rooms, he’s not going to have the time or patience to go and check each and every door in his place. Get in with whatever C4 you have, and start replacing doors and unlocking them. You’ll get a little deeper each time. I wouldn’t even take anything noticeable (again, he’s not going to be able to keep track of what would be in each room/box), just enough to keep getting deeper and deeper in the base.

2 months? That server hasn’t been wiped in 2 months? O_o

Our server doesn’t do wipes unless it is required by the devs…which I’m thankful for lol, I hate servers that wipe.

screenshots please

You can likely get his stuff with a lot less C4 than that, but I doubt it would be worth it. I’d have to see the base to see if there was any place I could latch a foundation to shoot up to the 10th story or so with stairs to blow through the wall… People hate to move their storage a lot, so it’s probable that he hasn’t moved his above the 10th floor, especially if he has as many metal doors as you say.

The main issue with bases of that nature, I can tell you from when I had a 12x12x5, is that the majority of your resources go into building a behemoth of that nature, so chances are you would get a few sets of kevlar and some C4, but I doubt you’d get enough to justify your resource output even if you knew precisely where his primary storage area was and shot straight for it with exterior stairs and C4. Of course, there’s the whole idea of doing it to piss him off, but chances are he would just feel like that was a good reason to double down on his massive base building. In my experience, even when a lot of the floors on a base that size are practically empty with just the bottom floors being completely filled with doors, such a large percentage of their resources have gone into “feeding the beast” that unless they have a pretty sizable wrecking crew and raid regularly they’ve put more effort into defending their stash than they have in bulking up their resources.

I know if anyone had gotten to our primary storage area in our 12x12x5, they’d have blown through about 3x as much C4 as we had, and they’d have found a little kevlar and a few guns, but we routinely had members who lost more out in the field than we had in storage overall, with about 8000 metal worth of window bars alone, and a staggering amount of metal for doors basically all of our stockpiled goods tended to come from those damned kids who wouldn’t stay off of our lawn. Of course, this was before durability was introduced, I’m not entirely certain we’d have even had much Kevlar or even very many more guns than it took to man our guard towers if we had suffered the attrition of items losing durability.

Basically the larger the base and the smaller the crew running it, formulaically the chances at which you can get more loot from a base than it takes to raid in the first place approaches zero in my experience around the 5x5x10 for 5 people mark. If it’s just one guy in that behemoth you can be fairly certain that you wouldn’t find anything in there worth even 50 C4. On a server where we couldn’t craft C4 and just had to find it and stockpile it a friend and I blew through 6 C4 and maybe 60 grenades emptying out an approx 5x5x10 and got less from it than we did from a 1x3x5 with no ceiling or interior doors we were able to build a staircase to the top of and jump inside (we got our 6 C4 back from that second place though, heh).

Really it depends on the group you’re raiding more than anything, my group of friends have known each other for years and thus store everything communally for the most part, with maybe a suit of gear and a nice gun spread out in case we die in a raid and need to put the boots on and go stomp some fools ASAP in our various rooms. So if you managed to get to the main loot room you’d get every bit of what little we stockpile, whereas a lot of the groups out there don’t really trust each other that much so you wind up with a dozen rooms with 5 grenades and a suit of cloth and 10 chocolate bars or 4 pipe shotguns and a bunch of bottled water… Each with their own furnace, workbench, etc. It is usually more satisfying destroying the furniture than it is lucrative when raiding a base like that.

I’ll take some shortly on my next break here at work :slight_smile: it’s a massive shithole lol