Would you rather (DarkRP)

Would you rather have tons of jobs or just do everything as a civilian.
Like be able to buy picklocks or you have to be a thief to get them.

Would you rather buy ammo from F4 or a vendor

Would you rather buy small arms from a vendor or f4? (five sevens and other pistols)

Would you rather no music or music on the loading screen

Some more will come soon, just need some feedback or suggestions for this server im making any info apon asking :smiley:

Custom jobs




No music on the loading screen at all

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By the way I mean let people set their own job title (and preferably pick model) with the /job command or whatever it was, just to be clear

Thank you for the awesome feedback!!
Ill be implamenting stuff shortly.

Also could i ask your opinion on our loading screen, ill be putting some nice video in the background with no audio though, http://agnick.com/LoadingScreen/
the /jobs is already there =D

if you could do everything as a Civilian, then there would be no point in jobs

being a Thief or any associated “bad guy” job to obtain lockpicks seems to be the norm nowadays, i personally wouldn’t have a problem buying a lockpick(s) assuming they would be cheap so that would be up to you

again, buying ammo from F4 menu is usually what you’re going to have to do but it would be an interesting change to buy it from a vendor


you can have music but don’t make it blast the players speakers upon joining the server, there’s nothing more worse than that

Personally, I quite like it. It’s simple and there isn’t much stuff going on, that’s good. Doesn’t have to have that. Although I would remove the VIP thing from there… but that’s just because I don’t really like VIP or “donations” being a focus of the server.

Also, I like the looks of those rules. I hope your server gets some people on it!

Yeah i understand. Ill deffently have some nice classes, but i meant like u can be a civ and buy lockpicks to raid, u dont need to be a thief. :>

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Thanks =D
Ill be changing the VIP with our teamspeak 3 server info. Im not one for pushing V.I.P into any ones face. :>

Be sure to think about what you want a “vendor” to be. Do you want it to be a player? NPC? How would these interactions go? etc.

Everything should be civilians and an economic system similar to EVE Online or Black Desert Online. The only jobs that really need to exist is EMS, with a ranking system similar to HL2RP. Another thing relating to the government is making it so people can make political parties/platforms which can be voted into a parliament of sorts. This would give further control to the playerbase and make the server experience feel meaningful.

As for EMS being handled similar to HL2RP, you’d need to make it so people can carry firefighting gear, medical gear, and policing equipment, but their rank and specializations is determined by their activity in the server.

Materials should be harvested, refined, and turned into ammo. The F4 Menu being a magical takemoney and spawn things should be ended full-stop.

Ultimately the weapons will be bought from F4 and supplied by a vendor. You need to make resource gathering and manufacturing a part of the experience.

Loading music needs to die. People who have loading music when joining should have their servers blacklisted from the server menu.

Overall, you are asking questions which are rather close-ended. All you’d accomplish by making it so vendors sell the items is that the vendors would be the ones purchasing from the F4 Menu, and making small time transactions with other users. Breaking this system requires the entire economy to be player operated. If the players do not retain control of the economy at a level where they are required to do actual work for items they want, the entire point of having any of these concepts you are mentioning is rather moot.

having citizens instead of criminal roles sounds much better than custom everything.

Maybe develop some sort of hidden flag tool like in hl2rp?

But jobs like police officers and mayor should be distinguished.

Yeah, that’s what I had in mind, too.

“Official” jobs should still be in the game, scripted, like mayor, police, and jobs like medic or firefighter if you have those, etc. But criminal jobs or similar should not; people should just be able to do whatever crime they want as “Citizen” (or setting their own job title, if they want).

The reason I think it should be like this is because when you take up a criminal job, it becomes very… onesided? Let’s say you decide to play Thief. Now, you’re expected to do those things the job description says… always, and only that. Besides this, whenever someone sees you, they KNOW you’re a thief, and KNOW what you’re going to do. Letting other people know that you’re gonna do criminal stuff, simply by being able to look at you or the scoreboard, is a bad idea. If you were just a citizen with certain motives, however, there would be more opportunity for better gameplay among people.

Jobs should only exist when they are created by players.
For example - My trading group, the Kumonryu Trading Guild, operated on an economic model where we would catch fish and sell them at a stocking rate to sushi shops for $350, and then those shops would sell it for $500.

Within this system, several different jobs existed which we created to make things run smoothly. We had Fishermen, Inventory Checkers, Distribution Managers, Truck Drivers, and Inventory Restock for Sushi Shops. All these jobs existed within someway in the system, and everyone of them was paid with the $150 or $200 earned from selling each fish.

This system existed only because a market existed, and without a proper economic system, you are simply stuck with the DarkRP money printer trend which sorta cuts off any chances for actual roleplay.

That’s a lot of faith to put into your playerbase.

It’s just basic capitalism. If there’s an opportunity for arbitrage or for processing a cheaper good into a more valuable one, you bet someone’s going to do it.

I’d recommend adding a less profitable mechanic that allows one to buy and sell resources without requiring other players on top of any such system, though. You can’t rely on achieving the critical mass of players that’s necessary to sustain economic gameplay every day around the clock, and that can easily turn a brief ebb into a total collapse (players stop buying stuff because they’re unsure they can sell it again, producers have no more interest in producing, it’s a classic vicious circle).

Maybe I’m overthinking it, though. Either way:

Never add music that can’t easily be turned off by the player. It’s equally annoying as it is rude. Don’t be that guy.

At this point its a new gamemode. DarkRP Isnt serious RP any way…
That would be more like PERP or something in the sense of creating and crafting.

no music

This appeals to most young children on Garry’s Mod

Honestly? The whole DarkRP loop is basically totally broken. You’d be better off discarding every notion of what makes DarkRP DarkRP for something more akin to how real life works.

Jobs? Get them from NPCs. Do deliveries, guard shit, etc.

Crime? If someone does something illegal, LET THEM because you don’t have to get a job as a thief to steal. RDM = murder; let the cops deal with it. Someone’s mass-murdering everyone? Shit, looks like a job for the cops! Nobody wants to be a cop? Make them! Add incentives, actually make the salary worth a damn, and actually make cops something resembling a threat to criminals!

And forget shitty rules like FearRP - Let things play out naturally.

Ban retards who scream “ADMIN! RDM! FAILRP!” because somebody killed them while they were doing a mugging.

Dying should mean something, and it shouldn’t be final. Defibrillators, revival… There’s probably a script out there, and if there isn’t, make one.

In general: Treat it like you’re designing a game.

Also: Buy, vendor, vendor, no music.

EDIT: Also, biggest problem with RP in Gmod as a whole is that there basically isn’t any gap between DarkRP and serious RP, which I and I assume many others find unbearably boring and uneventful. No reason you have to go all-out. Have some realistic features and keep some things arcade-y.

Most of that is really good and I had planned on adding, The jobs from NPCs I can deffently do easy but I feel like too many younger ppl/randoms rely on the F4 menu :/.

Lots of things like revival and stuff will come later I just gotta buy scripts and stuff which im not being cheap or anything. The only thing is RDM, I am ok with some one murdering some one RP and things like that but I generally find mass RDMers just ruin the fun becuase its not RP its just minge

Guy who does the revival script just got banned from script fodder :L

FOund a better one that ill be using and making a job for medics. Do i smell Photon ambulance? :>

Even more edit:
Have a shelve system to you can sell things like guns without having to be in the shop 24/7

Predetermined jobs with clear goal
Lockpicks expensive or otherwise hard to obtain
Player or f4
Player or f4
No music

No or restricted physgun
No toolgun
Small-Medium hl2 props only that cost money
No “Fists” that damages props
Melee weapons that are not overly effective, ie knife, axe, steel pipe or whatever
Real weapons very expensive or otherwise hard to produce
The less rules the better

Good RP in my opinion is neither deathmatch nor boring every day jobs and tasks. I already have a full time job, I already go to the store to buy food. Why would I want that in my videogame? Are we not supposed to roleplay what we can’t do in real life?
I think houses and apartments need an actual purpose as well, other than storing moneyprinters.

Thanks for the reply, I currently have a drug growing system which will give users another reason for a house. My biggest issue is how much everything should cost.

I trust my playerbase to be the worst filth in the world. Hence why I usually call players, “Mingebag Union” because the reality is that without rules to tie them up like a bondage sex flick, people will take advantage of everything and backoff when they come to realization that being an asshat isn’t always going to get you places.