would you use this model

im just curious if any1 would be interrested if i turned my robot i made into a model although i would probably put it in diferent parts so you could pose it.






i know its made on inventor but theres a way to transfer it to 3ds max and then allow me to save it as the proper file type. help on this part would be appreciated. ill also take suggestions and try and keep them non-complicated.

It looks really high poly. Chances are you aren’t gonna get it to work ingame.

theres probably a way that i could change the amount of poly it uses. but thanks for the feedback =)

it looks nice, very well made, but i couldn’t really find much good use for it.

Look at those hips!

well i was thinking you could use it for machinimas

these might make good use for stuff that i make that are all high tech stuff

By the way it looks brilliant