Wouldn't it be Cool if Garry's Mod had Subsections for Gamemodes?

Idk, just a random thought, and kind of a reqest. I decided it’ll be worthwhile to post and discuss about it with the Garry’s Mod community.

But imagine how much better Garry’s mod could be if there was an option to create a sub-gamemode. I’m looking at you, DarkRP. So many people have created their own gamemode, but use DarkRP as a base. Whether or not they don’t care or care and don’t like doing it, they create their own gamemode in the list. It would be much simpler and not “disrespectful” to the DarkRP creators if they could easily add their own sub-gamemode under DarkRP so Falco could still get credit it for it. Plus it’ll clean up the main gamemode list quite a bit. Many DarkRP gamemode types include WW1 Trench RP, StarWarsRP, TDM, and more. Instead of them having their own gamemode and claiming it as their own, they could just be filtered under DarkRP showing it was used simply as a base.

And of course, there would be a DarkRP > DarkRP for people using just the regular mode itself and for its purpose.

Got any ideas on how this could be approved upon or just wanna discuss about it? Just reply to this thread mangs.

It’s easy to base a gamemode on another one, that’s what DarkRP does with Sandbox. It’s also easy to extend DarkRP without renaming it.

Unfortunately most people are either stupid, or assholes, or both, which leads to the massive number of renamed DarkRP gamemodes.

Here’s a thread trying to solve the server browser issues. I’m currently trying to use the suggestions there to improve garry’s server browser, I’ve just been too lazy to work on it the past few days.

There’s no shame in being boring and calling it “Modded DarkRP”

keeps the browser clean but allows people to filter out heavily modded versions of the base gamemode