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Rust is the game that I have waited to play since before I had an Atari. I find that what I want out of this game is completely in line with the philosophy that the developers have publicly espoused. (Parenthetically: I consider it my mission as an alpha user to help the devs get to where they have said that they want to be rather than try to take the game where I think it should go.)

Here are a few of the things that I believe would benefit the final release of Rust. Please forgive my ignorance if these suggestions have been elsewhere posted. The usefulness of the search function on this forum eludes me.


One of the developers’ aims is to foster the creation of player-driven societies that function through realistic representations of physical reality rather than high-handed video game mechanics. It is in this spirit that I request the inclusion of agriculture. Because (like in our universe) the rule book in Rust is driven by virtual representations of physical science rather than software wizardry, it follows that the evolution of virtual human society within Rust would be promoted by the same forces that promoted the development of human society in real world history. Of these forces, agriculture was the single largest contributing factor that drove the development of human society. (A desertion as to why this is true could follow. It won’t; use your library card instead.) I will grant the devil’s advocates in the audience that the physics in Rust are still only rough representations of the laws that govern our reality… They are improving. Moreover, this post is meant to be a general list of helpful suggestions. The ideas that I have regarding the fine details of implementation are beyond the scope of this list.


The debut of summer, autumn, winter and spring must necessarily follow the introduction of agriculture. Each season could be 30 in-game days. There is a litany of specific bonuses and penalties that would naturally be attached to the time of year. Discuss among yourselves.

Sexuality and reproduction

Rust has already tackled the visual representation of male genitalia. From public-relations standpoint, the hard part is over (sometimes I can’t resist a pun). Sexual satisfaction could be included as an additional basic need. Man’s quest for food, water, shelter and sex is what gave impetus to the rise of human society, and so to could these needs give rise to society in Rust. Women could be represented as NPCs that exist for the fulfillment of sexual desire and the purpose of reproduction. (For the social conservatives in the audience that are about to hyperventilate, I recommend reviewing the mechanics included in a video game franchise entitled “The Sims,” published by Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis Studios). Female NPCs can be brought under the player character’s indirect control (marriage), used willingly and discarded (big pimping), used forcefully and discarded (rape) or used forcefully and kept (slavery). Female NPCs could become pregnant and give birth after some standard number of days. Children are thereby produced and grow to become adults. A player’s NPC offspring would be under the indirect control of the player character until they come of age and are either married off (in the case of female progeny) or become an independent NPC (in the case of male progeny). A third option in the case of males could be the promotion to player character status when the original player character grows old and dies.

Old age and permadeath

Characters could grow old and die, after which time no further respawning would be possible. The only option available to a character dying of old age would be to take direct control of one of his male offspring, thereby elevating an NPC to PC status. The implications of such a mechanic should be obvious: the rise of families, the creation of (anthropological) clans and a true birth of politics. Please discuss.

Domestication of animals

I have started trying to corral wild animals for the purpose of improving the raid resistance of my compound. But no matter how many pieces of chicken I throw at the wolf that I’ve lured into the pen, it won’t stop trying to kill me. Animals in Rust could be domesticated for to the purposes that animals were domesticated in human history: food, protection, novelty, companionship, transportation and servitude.

Additional items to craft

Medieval-themed armor and weapons (but not at the expense of the modern arsenal)
Compasses (make players use it as if it were an actual compass, not a HUD)
Binoculars or telescopes
Distinctive clothing
Flags and banners
Stone buildings
Steam engines
Siege weapons
(Many more but I am tired right now)

Environmental destruction

A player in a sandbox should have the ability to dig a hole.

Open-ended technology tree

This is easier said than done and is probably a pipe dream. But part of this pipe dream is to allow a player to design his own items according to a lose set of rules based on physical science. Coins could be minted. Beer could be brewed. Unique clothing could be designed. I honestly don’t know if video games have evolved to the point that would make this sort of thing possible. But I am member of the laity. Please discuss.

My over-reaching suggestion is simple: study what needs drove the development of human civilization and include them in the game. (Not through mechanics but through the inclusion of realistic physics.)

Thanks for reading, take care.

You really want them to add reproduction? XD Pretty sure this isn’t the sims :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t think it would work in an mmo

There’s over-the-top, and then there is this. No is the answer. What’s next, giving in-game abortions? Using dead fetuses as a food source?

what do you think it should give? 1000 calories and 15 health?

This is ironic, given your slogan. :slight_smile: