wouldn't this help fix a lot? (rust)

Ill start by saying ive not even played rust but while looking into it i found my way to the forums and found alot of people angry about there houses being broken into / being killed while offline people building over the defenses making stairs up to windows and getting in that way and people using c4 to blow the doors/walls off and them (c4) being too easy to get.

well it seems a lot of this can be addressed by adding weight to the game limiting the effects of it to just slowing your movement speed to a near crawl at extreme weight.
this will make getting to your house while loaded down with stairs and excessive amounts of explosives a daunting task, not to mention getting away with all your stolen loot as these slow moving targets run the risk of themselves becoming easy prey.

also on the note of “sleeper” killing. i once played a game called dransik or ashen empires as its now known and although the game is not at all similar to this it had an interesting pvp mechanic where if you killed a player he would drop everything he was carrying in his inventory and one randomly chosen equipped item.
i think this would help alleviate some of the pain of dieing without making pvp pointless.

for the above to work you would have to change the equipment layout from what ive seen of it making it so you equip a weapon/ammo and or tool the way you do Armour for example.

like i said ive not played even a second of this game and im going on only what ive read/watched.

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Because it has been suggested many times, the weight idea is worth considering but not the drop when killed.

I think weight slowing ppl down could be interesting.
I had thought before that the different armour should restrict movement slightly as you got better armour. Make it hard for someone in leather or kev to chase a naked man down. Unless that naked man had been farming and was also weighed down by inventory.

I totally agree with all this and it would definately improve the gameplay : 0

I think it would definitely reduce some issues. For killing sleepers, we can also have something similar to “7 Days to Die” where if you die, you only loose things in utility belt (equipped) but not other stuff. But on the other side, this makes Rust a little it non - realistic. I think the only solution is to have variety of traps, and other clever ways to booby trap raiders. The idea I proposed a while ago to protect your storage box was to create multiple storage boxes and rig couple with C4. You will only know which ones are rigged and which ones are real. This way raiders will think twice before opening your storage box.

Once devs start pushing some traps and stuff, I think it will change this gameplay and will make it fun to raid and probably see people trying to raid u :slight_smile:

sry im never very good at looking for post like my own.

RedWorker i like the idea of traps or booby trapping.