Wounded 1 Trailer


I just made a trailer for a machinima I’m making. All by me, hope you like it. Post whats bad and good, I want suggestions, and constructive criticism.

The video is still being cooked up. Here is a short description.

A scientist who created the “Telic Gloves” mysteriously finds himself in something like a post apocalyptic environment. He begins to think it was his gloves that brought him to this scary, deserted place. (His gloves can move things and teleport anything. Hints the “Tele” in the name.) He snoops around in this trailer.

Should be in better quality in about 10 minutes due to You tube processing.

Anyone know how to add youtube videos in Facepunch?

put [media ] your video url [/media]

you really shouldnt of dont this on flatgrass, and you really shoudnt of dont the whole thing on first person with a hud. it looks really cheap and tackey.

The actual film wont be, this is just a trailer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the code thigamajig!

I’m sorry but I stopped watching when I heard your voice. Also, flatgrass is a post-apoclyptic environment?

Tss :v:

Why the fuck is the video a little bit slow?

I used Xfire recorder. >.< SR breaks my computer.


Wow, you only got 10-12 seconds in? You must hate 13 year olds.

(Yeah, I do admit I sound really whiny and boring in this but oh well a better one is coming soon)

Get fraps: http://www.fraps.com/download.php

The driver of that car was fucking dumb, he hit the ONLY building on flatgrass.

DMGaina we got a positive ID on the driver…
female age 13
first name DMG
last name aina
Full name DMGaina

More like DM Gaina


Not really, but a 13 year old waking up in a post apocalyptic environment in flatgrass, holy shit and being the tough survivor is anything but convincing. It’s annoying.

Ulululuulluu, what happened? hurrrr
Oh my gawd, qdsfhj