Wounded Alyx.

And Bonus:
G-man watching you!

Wrong section .

where’s the link to that skin of alyx’ rampaged face … oh wait -.-

Oh jesus, wrong section, how could you!!


how do you fail this much?

OH! This is the best release i have see in days, i will take a photo and show it to my friends for see this cool ragdoll, gosh, what i´m talking about? I will upload it

He probably misread it as he’s apparently Russian.

Not really since he has posted four previous topics in to the screenshot section.

Oh shut the fuck up kid. Making fun of some one who accidentally posted in the wrong section when you can’t even speak English for shit.

We got a winner here.

I like the Gman pic.

I like both.

I know Gregster say something stupid, for skip the innecesary fight, i ignore him at all

And if you read this, i say i will upload it, read. And for only following me to EVERY fucking thread for tell me a negative comment, don´t make any sense at all, did i punch you? no, and the only, ONLY stupid thing i say, was for a request of Soul Calibur and you think i offend you, or was for that i say Fedge can do these? If it´s that, you are a stupid kid at all, so for end all this at all, i won´t pay attention to your stupid and flaming comments. I want to be a good person with you on the answers and you started with that, now you are srewed out.

And not for say that it was bad, it´s a good photo, also, how did she get like that? When i see the G-man, i was thinking that his shadow was Alyx xD

I was taking you seriously until this

I´m not a robot…bip-bip. No, i cut that bcz i don´t want to make ALL a post for only a people that annoys me

Hmm. About the section: Perhaps I accidentally made a mistake Well I’m sorry.

It´s now on the correct section, so don´t worry and excuse me if i make you fell bad


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Quite honestly i can barely understand what you’re saying.

I can’t imagine how much was you offended, that it forced you to create this piece of…hmm…art