Wounded Combine soldier wandering in a desert

Meh. The camera angle sucks.



pretty good but the legs don’t look like they’re sinking in the sand.

Love the cracked helmet and the wound. I like the idea of the sinking sand,I think it came out great on the vehicle but not so good on the combine.

Wound and cracked helmet are quite good, as is the lighting. The whole sinking feet thing looks pretty bad though and, as you said, the camera angle isn’t so good.

holy shit
image is exactly like i imagined it

It looks nice.
The smoke in the background needs more dof and the sand around his feet is to blurry.

Nice. As everyone said the feet are sinking, it was a nice idea but didn’t come out good I see. But I’ll give you an optimistic.

Too bad I take the Optimistic rating as a “gaybow”. But thanks anyway. I’m going to see if I can fix the sand sinking thingy problem.




I still take it as a gaybow.

Listen to the little ghost, he has a point!

I feel sympathy for the combine.

Good. That’s exactly what I was trying to achieve in the pic.

Looks a lot better.

Looks much better
I rate you artistic. Whats that for a map?

this pic makes me wanna :dance:


Cool, but shouldn’t there be footprints when he’s sinking that deep?

Thanks mate

True, but I have no idea how to edit footprints yet.

Just darken up something?

That wouldn’t look realistic enough.