Wounded Francis shooting a zombie with a desert eagle


Just a quick edit

Try to lower the yellows a bit. This rock thingy or whatever it is, is ugly.

The impact looks great, i like the angle.

i don’t see his head.

The golden gun, nostalgia.

Also, there isn’t any blowback on the gun D:

I edited it in 20-30 minutes or so and I just opened gmod to mess around so it’s really nothing but practicing.

Your are really good at practicing.
But as stated, the yellowish is kinda annoying, also the muzzleflash is a little off-place(Or is it me?).

I don’t feel that I need alot of time to get it done.
A great screenshot should look good unedited so this is in general just a really quick nothing to do screenshot.


I think it needs to have a bullet hole or something.

Anyway, great work and editing.