wounded observation.

So I really dig the wounded system. However I feel that bleeding makes you die pretty quick when wounded. And it seems like more often than not you’re bleeding when taking enough damage to die. This renders the help up system insignificant for most of the time.

In both these scenarios its hardly enough time to use the help up system:

  1. I shoot someone and go to see who it is. By the time I see it was a friend I’m unable to help them up. Sad face

  2. I’m fighting with a friend and he takes enough damage to die but becomes wounded. But still not able to bring him back from death because he died a few feet from me. Sad face x2

Anyone else notice this? Maybe my reflexes are getting shiity.

From what I’ve seen so far after playing new Rust again for the first time, I did notice that bleed out is VERY fast wounded state. I was originally thinking it would be too strong, but unless somebody would be like an inch away, I don’t know if you could even reach them. I don’t have enough experience with it yet though.

i’d personally picture it a bit more like borderlands. you should be able to move (albeit slowly) and use items to revive yourself if you have them. you should be killed by things like exposure damage, bleeding and attacks quite easily, but if unharmed be able to hang around for quite a while (like 10-30 seconds).

maybe tie the duration to current stamina levels, and have the wounded state triggered when you go below say 10 hp instead of 0.

Bleeding now automatically stops when wounding. See here for proof:

I agree with mrknifey, we should be able to move very slowly while ‘wounded’ (or atleast be able to look around). We should also be able to self revive, only if you have a large medkit (or self revive kit) in your HOTBAR only. We should also have a “suicide” button, to kill yourself while wounded.

It would be cool if you could crawl away slowly to find cover or something.

Just type “kill” in the console when wounded. Kills you instantly.