Wounded peasent tries to escape further harm during an attack on his town.


thats scary man

Awesome sauce!

He looks slightly confused, the soldier stabbing looks like he is taking a really bad shat, the guy getting stabbed looks casual (“lol a blade”), and the guy in the foreground looks like he is a very drunk sailor.


I know most of this can’t be controlled due to the shitty models, just pointing things out.

Before i noticed the soldier on the right had i sword i though he was asking the other man to dance :O.
C&C time
I love the pose and the idea.
Also the editing is top notch for this type of pose.

Try to work on finger posing, also whats the man doing in the back.

Well keep it up. :slight_smile:

At least, in his few final moments, he can appreciate how well and perfectly squarely he cut his grass.

In all seriousness; great picture.