Wounded Status?

I’m not entirely sure how this works, but just know what I saw in the post (Rust is still far too laggy for me to play). Giving the player another chance just seems kind of silly; when you hit 0, you should be dead. I feel like this is really another thing that will discourage people from playing alone, because groups can just get conga-line revives and it gives the lone player no chance of winning, even if they have superior weapons, skills, position, etc. I can’t really say this is how it will be, because I haven’t seen it in gameplay, but based on previous experience with other games that have this, it’s what it generally turns into.

Also, I dislike the fact that it gives the player a chance to see what happens, much as having the kills pop up in the console, saying the name of who killed you, as it entirely removes the possibility of interactions such as assassinating players you don’t like with no consequence, thus punishing using any stealth or tactical play. I guess if they’re shot in the body, it makes sense from a balance standpoint. However, if they are shot in the head, it feels like they should immediately die, but should just black screen so they can’t see who, or what killed them. This would allow players who play alone, or use any sort of deception to at least stand a chance, and makes the game more interesting, at least from what I’ve experienced in open world games. When it just says who killed somebody, or you easily see it, you can’t create chaos by pinning the blame on somebody else who was nearby, starting fights or confusion between other players to buy time, etc. and I feel it really takes a part of the game out that’s a lot of fun sometimes. If there was a way only players with admin-permissions could see kills in the console to monitor hackers, that would be great.

I do trust the development of Rust will go fine and I’ll play the finished product regardless, but just kind of wanted to share my thoughts on this gameplay element and see what other people kind of thought of it.

Have you tried just finishing off a wounded player from a distance? I got killed a couple of times and never saw the person’s name. I know at one point it used to show who killed you in the console, but I think that was removed.

Haven’t tried it yet, but what about at semi-close range? With a longer range weapon it doesn’t seem too bad, but if you’re forced to use a shotgun early game it seems like it might be a bit silly if you end up missing a shot to the head on somebody. Does revive currently take a special item to do it?

I actually haven’t tried reviving anyone yet, so I’m not sure if you need any items. It’s pretty hard to see someone’s name. You have to get pretty close (within a few feet), and take your eyes off where you’re aiming to look at their name. Also, when you’re wounded it’s really hard to see because of the blurry/bloody overlay.

A good combo I’ve had a lot of success with is to shoot from a distance with the bow. Then if they come at you to engage with a spear or try to use their own bow let them get within about 20 feet and blast them with the shotgun. This works best when there’s some sort of cover around that you can duck behind for a second.

Am I missing something?

f you’re shot in the head you’ll die instantly, but you’ll probably still have a better idea of what killed you because for a few seconds you’ll continue to see through your ragdoll corpse eyes, just like in Legacy. The second part is what I kind of have a problem with. I feel that with a headshot you should just instantly-black screen, instead of getting a glimpse at the name of who killed you.

But people have to be so close that in that brief second they’re not going to know who killed them unless you run up and stand over them as you watch the life fade from their digital eyeballs.

All this means is that your body will fall to the ground and you’ll black out. Its a small window and therefore not an issue. Honestly you’ve completely missed the window to complain about stealth killing as the game console does tell you who killed you even before the wounded state. And yes frank its still in-game its just currently glitchy so doesn’t always work.