Wounded survivor entering house.

This turnned out nowhere near what I wanted it to. Whoever made this model no-colided it with itself well over ten times and is next to impossible to pose correctly. It spawns in a ball and takes close to a minute to lay it out, then you can’t even grab it. You physgun it’s foot, it’s leg moves. Head, and torso moves. Torso and waist moves. Ugh. This is my first and last time I will even attempt to edit in something. I tried so hard to work with these and this was the outcome.


turn down the grain mate

head is too small or body is too big

You don’t hold an assault rifle like that,and fingerposing on the rifle needs work.Other then that,turn down the grain.

You do if you’re hurt in the gut and can’t walk without a support. (the only support available being the rifle)

It looks like he’s ready to get blowed.

  • It’s an M60* :ssh: