WoW like Mounts

Can anyone post if is made yet?
If not can anyone make them? Not the model only the code then i would add models.

Try explaining what you want. Most people here won’t have played WoW because once you play it, you tend to get addicted apparently. I haven’t played it.

A mount in WOrld of Warcraft is an animal or machine wich you can ride in. A draco or a horse for examle

There has only been 1 mount I have ever seen made…but there were giant birds and looked crappy, your better off just going back to playing WoW now.

I still can’t see how all the people find it so fun and shit, I mean I play it a little and it’s not addictive at all, It’s just the same shit all the time :colbert:

I got to level 80…said wtf and quit, I think my subscription is still active though.

/ontopic I just remembered some guy was making a horse you could sit on it had custom sounds(They sounded like him breathing into his mic imo) and it had awesome idle movements and stuff…If I find it again I will link it in this thread for sure…But I’m not going to look very hard for it so yeah.

Can I have your acc :smiley:

ITs to add it to my Underdone modification

1. If it was 1 mount ever made, why did you say THEY were giant birds?
2. CapsAdmin's birds are badass, don't talk shit.
3. Alot of stuff can be done in this game, YOU just don't know how do any of it.

First you’d need to find someone to code the damn thing, and then you need a model, but then it just looks like shit if you have a static model so you need animations for the damn thing and pffff

It sounds simple when you start thinking about it, it takes fucking ages.

All good things take time and effort.

I second this opinion.

Oh so your one of those people that don’t read right?
And last I checked he stopped working on that.

Fyi I do know how to do most of it and more then you.

And I said they because

Plural…its the same mount different skins…still plural.

By mounts I thought you meant mount WoW into gmod.


I read your post very clearly.

Let’s see if I can explain myself a little, you said there was only 1 mount you had ever seen, then, in the same sentence, said that they were crappy, in short, you claimed it was 1 then said there were more then 1, so I was reffering to your fail speech.

Just read that to yourself, and I’m pretty sure you’l understand.

The youtube video I posted was to show the horse mount that you were talking about(or atleast I think so) in an above post.

Actually…my speech failed more then you think because I was in a rush while typing that…what I ment was that there was one mount I have ever seen(And had acknowledged as having mount-esc qualities that being the horse mount) then I said There were giant birds [del]and[/del]<-but (they) looked crappy…I was typing it from my phone and was extremely rushed…then the second thing I posted was when I had some more time to type.

Believe me…if I wasn’t rushed theres no way I would have used 1 instead of one -.- just doing the numerical 1 looks dumb

Just stopping by to say Bird mounts 2 is freakin epic, half the people here are too concerned about other people’s grammar, and that i remember a decent mount with idle anims (probably the same as you DocDoomsday) but i heard that it was broken due to it being made so long ago - but then again i might be wrong

The short off-topic story of my WoW experience:

Went on, made bunch of characters, powerleveled one cause of boredom (did I mention I was addicted?), got banned… WOOHOO

On topic: WoW mounts are basically movement (running, walking, jumping, taunts) and idle animations…which is crap