WoW Mini's Cards

A port from the Vassal Engine WoW Mini’s module. Full credits for 2D graphics to the Vassal Engine module team and original artists. Bonus props of custom character minis (models obtained from the WoW Model Viewer) are included.

Why do they look…like statues and not posed ragdolls?

Cuz they aren’t ragdolls right?

Aw…Just when I thought we’d finally have Blood elves and stuff…

too much low poly hurts my eyes

Yeah, I remember the last stuff practicing01 made. He claims he uses low poly for artistic purposes, but pretty much everyone realizes it’s because he sucks at modeling. He’s decent with that face modeling one, FaceGen or whatever, but really can’t use a regular editor. It would be more tolerable if he just 'fessed up, but he doesn’t. It’s like claiming you meant to wrap your car around a tree: nobody’s fooled and it makes you look like a moron for thinking we’d fall for it.

What makes this particularly odd is that it seems to be ports from a much higher-poly game. Maybe he just has a sucky computer?

I read “WoW” as “Waw” and was expecting the Death Cards from CoD: WaW.