WoW Model Request?

I’m basically trying to port a WoW model (specifically the tauren druid cat model) over for use as a ragdoll in GMOD. I was able to export the model using “wowmodelviewer” and use it within Milkshape.

The texture/material seemed to load fine:

However, past this point my noobishness shines, and I have no idea how to properly “rig” and compile these for use within the source engine. Not sure how complicated such a task is, and I might be shooting for the moon, but if it’s easy enough and a more experienced modeler has time on their hands, I’d really love if you’d be able to port this over.

I have the .MS3D model and texture I used in Milkshape, if that helps:

shouldn’t it already be rigged? what format did you export it as

Well, if you mean from the “wowmodelviewer”, I exported it as .ms3d, however it does export in other formats:

If you mean from Milkshape, I can export it as .smd, however I thought certain bones and collisions had to be added, and a “compiling” stage in order for it to work within source. That’s at least from what I’ve read, and I thought that was the “rigging” stage, but I’m so bad with this stuff, I might be looking at the wrong thing.

The .smd file, if needed:

Well, I thought I could try this myself, but after further tinkering, I can confirm I’m absolutely horrible at this modelling stuff. I read a bit and found a basic compile-command-thing on a tutorial. From what I could make out, it looked like it would simply port it over as a basic prop without any ragdoll characteristics. Fine by me; just wanted to see if I could at least do that. After many errors and fixing this and that, GUIstudio finally ported it over to GMOD (much to my surprise). Amazingly it even showed up in the spawn list within the game, but unfortunately spawning it only gave me a green “O”… hah

Anyway, I suppose I’ll leave my request here for the almighty model magicians. I don’t know how you all do this stuff, and it might even be a simple thing for those experienced with this, but if one of you could port this over, I’d love you forever!