Wow Page 1 On Twitch

Today rust has been on page 1 of twitch the entire day, and right now its NUMBER 8 HOLY CRAP

This is crazy its like moths to the flame. This is not normal. I like.

this thread sucks

This thread is 100% legit

Not much room for discussion in this one, is there?

Is that good it being no 8 on twitch? i seriously dont get it?

More people are watching Rust on Twitch right now than DayZ and Minecraft combined; that’s got to count for something.

Maybe because minecraft and DayZ are over 1year old and there was always a way to play it.
You cant just download or buy rust so people are watching it…

Basically things do not go to top 10 unless they have a big ass following… so this is kinda out of nowhere to just be top 10 all day this game COULD be huge… but chances are the hype will not be handled right, either way who cares if the game is awesome.

^Yeah true, but at least I am not begging for crap, just trying to get some posts and be on topic and not a poo pie.

Not really, The War Z has more viewers than DayZ a lot of the time even though it’s shit, not to say Rust is shit, but yeahhh.

Uhh… War Z and Day Z have been around way longer

Not sure why you are poopooing the thread, whilst i agree the lack of keys will drive up watchers the fact that a small early alpha game from a small developer has so much interest is indeed both impressive and exciting. Thanks to the OP and I agree it is a breath of fresh air to see a post with no overt or disguised begging!

Looks like there is a direct correlation between the banditry/faggotry in game and forums trolling. Shame and hoping the game costs at least $15 per month at release to get rid of the kids.

its sydicate ohh my

This thread need’s to be closed -_-

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Yes, the threads topic is not the best, but at least its a slight change from the usual new member threads haha