wow. Still? Help me?

Everytime i start up my Gmod, (which ive hade for 2 years so im not a noob.) It says,


And it has been since like 2 months… i need to play…

Re-install GMod? not an error I’ve seen before.

Aight. Ill Try.

Make sure you aren’t running any Steam Emulators or other programs you shouldn’t be.


No, I didnt Pirate it. I LEGITLY bought it…

Then show us your Steam profile to prove it.


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i will uplaod a pic RIGHT now if you want.

2 Month wow… Well anyways we don’t need proof. I think there is something wrong with your steam client.

I know… im deprived… ive been playing Call of duty… im loosing my mind…

Reinstall Gmod, if that doesn’t work, reinstall Steam. If that doesn’t work, report back.