Hey, just wondering if anyone can make SWEPs based off WoW attacks- Specifically Warlocks. I would love to whip out Shadow Bolt when DMing =D

impossible u fucking moran,there are about 15,000,000 weapons on there!and they all look llike this.

…Have fun trying to make them!

Wow(no pun intended!)! Being nice today eh?
It always is possible, just ask an nice modeller/coder, with the content you want, and maybe you are lucky.

So what you’re looking for is model replacements for the crowbar and crossbow, because that is what all WoW sweps will inevitably be.

Why people would want to ruin GMod by bringing WoW into it, will always be beyond me.

I’m not saying the actual weapon, but the attacks. But thanks for the ever so uplifting and insightful feedback.

If you don’t like wow wich I don’t personaly. Then thats up to you but don’t slag it off when people request things from it.

Making the animations, world and view models would be far worse than the weapons themselves.

Oh, and wrong board. This would go partially in the Lua and Models request boards, respectively.