WoW Textures

Hey guys, i’ve been looking around, but I couldnt find any World of Warcraft textures, can you like, extract them from the .MPQ file and then edit them? Any help?

Why would you want WoW textures? They are way oversized.

To recreate WoW Instances/maps in Hammer Editor. And, I already found it.

As Firegod says, the textures are way oversized.

WoW is huge. Source has only 0.5 sq miles to each side.

Aww, well. Okay, thanks for your help anyways.

Why would you use their textures, they look like shit.

Low res and overall lacking in detail. Do not do this.

So, could you paste a link in here for everyone else who want the wow textures? Like me.

Use to view the .MPQ you want, extract the texture file. (.blp) and then convert it to a .TGA file, then you got it.