wow, when did rust become a motion sickness simulator?

Just upgraded to the new version. Within 30 mins my head is swimming, and I have never suffered from motion sickness in my life!

I heard other people complaining about it, that had already experienced it on the development branch, but I just imagined they were over-reacting. I had no idea it could be so bad…

I’m dizzy, too. Its just too mutch. I’m one of those who get sick on boats etc., but that never happened by playing by myself. Only sometimes watching someone else whos playing.

edit: haha sry about my english^^

Yup - I can’t look at screen while gathering anymore :confused:

Now yall know what weve been bitching about for the past few weeks. Its 100% Unacceptable!

To much head bob. Its ok for 5 seconds, but when you realize that we are going to be doing this for an hour or so…yeah.

Doesn’t bother me at all i barely notice it unless i pay attention to it. I used to be a head banger for years so its a natural motion for me. Helps if you play AC/DC, Angus Young is awesome!, the greatest headbanger in the world!

I do more brain bashing opposed to tree smashing… but I am dizzy none the less.

Meh. Doesn’t bother me in the least, been playing the dev servers for two weeks. I think it is a bit overdone, but the game is under development, and our constructive criticism and feedback will help. It will most likely be adjusted.

I for one and loving the new updates. Good work so far, Facepunch!

I feel ya. I have to completely look away or even close my eyes and wait for the gathering sound to end before looking back again.

Like stated somewhere above. It only gets bad when you think about it. But now that there are multiple threads regarding… it is all we can think about.

Honestly, I just threw up a small portion of my awesome Chipotle burrito. Facepunch owes me $4.53 (I didn’t order the guacamole so it was a little cheaper).

Doesn’t bother me at all, I’m the kind of person that moves my mouse around wildly anyways just for the sake of looking like a mad man. I thought it was going to be extremely bad or something but its hardly even noticeable to me.

Yea I guess your right. Everyone else here - including me, just got back from a day at the amusement park. A day filled with to many sweets, weird arguments with minors, repetitive mainstream music, and of course… thrill rides. We (as in everyone but you) decided to play rust after our diabetic adventure and is why we are all now throwing up our expensive burritos. NOT because the Head-bone camera in the game mimics all the gathering motions creating a cruise ship sway in our brains.

So much sarcasm/condescension in one post… I am so proud.

To me its more hypnotic than dizzy, still something that should be fixed.

well If the majority of people want the motion sickness bobbing to be removed, then it will definitely stay. It would need at least 87% of players wanting to keep it for it to be removed.

They never should have added the movement. I have motion sickness even in cars and now i cant play the game, im nautious now. please fix this ASAP…

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actually it needs to be removed asap people wont be able to play. was a dumb move to add something like that. dont know what they were thinking. gonna lose ALOT of players me included.

I never knew allot of people have motion sickness. I honestly thought it was a cartoon thing hehe. But im sure the team will huddle up and put their heads together.

Chopped down some trees in real life, always aiming at the right spots to make sure it falls properly.
I have to admit that i never tried to do it with a rock, but looking up, down, up, down … and moving your head whilst hitting is unrealistic. And yeah, after a hour of farming, i feel dizzy too :rolleyes:

I personally think this is like anything over the Internet, just a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and following the rest of the lemmings over the cliff.

I admit it can be toned down, but it doesn’t bother me in any way. I fail to see how an animation on a monitor can make anyone sick?

I am sure that Facepunch has learned to take criticism with a grain of salt, however, for future reference, I am more certain that constructive criticism and feedback, intelligently expressed, is more likely to be paid attention to.

Not Helpful Examples: “Ermagherd I don’t like susch and susch featuresh! Yer gonna loshe me ash a cushtomer!” “If you put X feature back in all your old players will return! Gold will rain from the heavens”

Helpful Example: Go to and file a bug report or suggestion. Include as much information as you can, screenshots, video, and a clear, concise, intelligently put description of the issue, without player base threats or crying.


I hadn’t noticed. Usually because I’m slowly walking around the tree or rock as I’m gathering it anyway. I’m paranoid about people coming up behind me. I could see where it might be bothersome to some people though.

EDIT: Adding a toggle for motion sway/head bob would be the way to go IMO. Those who don’t mind can keep it and for those it makes lose their lunch, they can turn it off.

i wonder if screen size has anything do do with it, I play on a 50" and its pretty damn awful, a majority of my vision is moving in a rather unpleasant way, contradicting my inner ear.

For some background, i went to space camp (theres lots of spinning and g forces there) i fall asleep to the rocking of a boat or ship. I love flying (turbulence is fun for me) I love rollercoasters,… best way to say it is i love motion…gymnastics anything,… its fun.

The game however, makes me SICK!!! right now.