Wraith tool problem (CODWW2MP)

Hello, I’m got strange problem with extracted models from CODWW2MP. When i import models from MP (SMD\OBJ, tried in 3dsmax and blender)

SP models works fine (dunno why):

Does someone got same problems with MP models import?

I will add that most vehicles models are missing ALOT of faces, I only could get a bycicle and a few trucks out of the (almost) 30 vehicles in the game.

I guess there’s an issue with the tool. We should wait for an update.

Not an issue, wwii streams models in but bone counts remain the same, only way to tell right now is if all positions are set to 0 0 0. Just like previous, for all variants you need them equipped or loaded via the menu preview. Vehicles won’t be loaded unless it’s being used in the game at the current time. For all models, you’ll see bones, but no mesh if it didn’t stream in

Good to know there’s an interest in MP but wouldn’t the campaign be easier to export from?

The campaign is very poor in character models tbh, you even have german soldiers fighting in summer uniforms in the Battle of the Bulge missions. The MP has a fuckton of varied character models so it’s more interesting.