Wrath of the Justicar

As seen in my tutorial thread, with some tips from Turtlehead


SDoF still crashes me

This is Mass Effect 2, but what’s the point of this thread?

haha, poor kid, he thinks its the game

To show a screenshot.


I think you have some mental deficiency.

First you can’t find the “Sex Pose Megathread” even though it’s on the first page, then you think it’s from the game?

This is not Mass Effect.


Would’ve been nice with comments without the drama

Are you sure? It looks like ME2 to me. I mean look at it.

That’s really nice Haxxer. I love the blue-ish thing, I dunno what to call it :v:
Keep it up.

This is one awesome picture. Nice posing and some really good effects for the biotics.

nice editing brah considering you can’t use SDoF.


I was really expecting something involving a Grey Knight’s Justicar from Wh40k.

Hey that effect really works, I like it!

Man that DoF looks pretty–

Wait nevermind.


This picture is sexy.

Really nice

That’s just how good it is.

That camera angle is pretty bland, posing is okay.