Wrath talks with the dead + Bonus!

**All in-game except for some minor editing on Wrath’s fingers.


Two quickies for you guys :smile: Comments are greatly appreciated.

Bubz doesn’t like.

The dead person in the Wrath screen is actually kinda disturbing. :ohdear: Posing looks good as usual, and the in-game editing looks really good. Posing on the bonus is nice as well, as is the editing.

Great work Santz!

Those are some creepy as fuck MPs…
And Wrath still scares the hell outa me…

I’m really feeling the first picture.

The second one is okay.

That’s really cool actually, nice work Sants.

Looks really good, I love how the water looks in the second pic

Thanks for all the comments :buddy:

Those Mauser C96 doesn’t really fit with the scene but the pose and editing is awesome.

Well, they are called retro-cops so I thought I could give them some old fashioned weapons.


Thanks for the comment man :slight_smile:

The Second Pic, and the Second MetroCop on the Right, his gun seems to be posed awkwardly.