Wreck of the Trinidad

C&C as usual.


I think the snow flakes are too prominent, they need to be a bit blurry and less transparent… If you dont understand what I mean, I dont blame you, I cant understand myself either, but what I mean is that the snow look like a bit like soap right now.

But the bloom and the atmosphere is really cool in this picture(Altho some people will tell you its too bright but I think the bloom and brightness are cool here), also the angle is great.


For some reason I cant rate :saddowns: I want to rate you artistic…

Reminds me of Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason which was pretty good game, not the best you can get but still okey.

The same goes with this one.

damn looks really cool and like ramone said
reminds me of cryostasis

What I thought when entering.

Still, nice work.

I like it. Editing is okay.

Yeah I understand what you mean, and thanks for the good comments so far.

Oh god, it’s been years since I’ve heard that song.

I like it, it’s quite peaceful…not all action all the time!

Where can I get that model?

Epic! I love the atmosphere of this picture.

Exactly my first thought.
I like it.

I like that snow effect, good work overall.