Wreck Yourself: A gmod ragdoll map (by me)


Not full bright but the lighting isn’t very good either tbh.

At some points in the video you could see the void.

damn i worked hard on it : (

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recording the video reduced the quality by alot.

Watch me get rated dumb as I ask how to fall down(where it says you have to wait to get up.)

I’m glad you mentioned this map was by you in the title, otherwise I would have never of guessed.

To be honest, I do not really see the point of maps like this.

What the hell was that scream shit in the video?

Also, Looks like your normal ragdoll map, And alot have the Staircase, Nice if this is your first try, But do something that hasn’t been done before or haven’t been done alot.

Mmmmm Noooo, I think Firegod was right. The lighting is a tad bland.

ok its deleted, im done >:(

So instead of taking the comments on board and improving your work, you delete the map. Also, technically you posted it in the wrong section.

But yes, the lighting did look very bland, and the music you had attached to it didn’t fit the theme for the video. I actually muted the video.

not the map itself, the video

Learn to take criticsm, because it will help you Indefinitely. Comments that call out the bad parts of the map are here to help you improve on them!