Writer dropped off at the Zone

“Into the belly of the beast”


I might start a comic, or a series of pictures describing a story. What do you think?

Also, the top left corner of him. Whats with the borderlands look?
Dunno what happend there.

Ghost Busters?

Yes, do this. This is awesome.

I like it. The fog edit looks pretty good!

Hunter S. Thompson fights off mutants while high off his mind! :razz:

‘Fear and loathing’ meets ‘The Road’.

I Realy like it, good job!

** Dr.Gonzo Dropped Off At The Zone **
do it!

With a camera from 1890? :stuck_out_tongue: Good pose anyway. Have a pallet.

But the zone is Bat country!

It’s a goddamn reptile zoo!

The pic is really nice but the jagged edges on the plants and on parts of the writer are killing the picture, dunno if its from the isolation or something.

On the writer i think its the isolation. Dunno about the plants, just low-res i guess.