Writing in GMod for DarkRP

I’ve been looking for a solution for my community with making signs on our RP server. A lot of people like to use rope to make signs. But you get 20 people with 20 signs made from rope, it gets to be a problem.

Im looking for a tool that will let the players click and type up to a certain character limit along a surface. Im not interested in getting wiremod and telling them they need to learn how to use the console screen. Something simple that anyone can get into.

Anythoughts? Please help.

wiremod text screen, easy to use.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=21526 or http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=113127 might work for this.

He said that he doesn’t want wiremod on his server. Given that he says it’s an RP server, I agree with him.

The first has no prop protection and the later is rather annoying for all players to use.
You would need to disable the map saving, also no prop protection so any player could remove your sign.

Also should not it’s tricky to tell which sign your removing, the removal is based from hitpos however it seems to ignore the Z access and it tends to remove any in that “column” type thing.

The best solution may be to create an entity similar to wiremods Text Screen. Why not use wiremod on an rp server? Just remove a few of the abusive items from wire. Forcer/Grabber/E2(Or some e2 functions such as holocreate) etc.

Wiremod is bad for business.
Admins go corrupt, players go corrupt, and mingey wars erupt over nothing. It’s just not needed.

Like that doesn’t happen anyway

I’ll try WIP: Labeler 2.0 and the 3D text. It looks good but there seems to be varying opinions on that. Thanks for the help

Any other thoughts?

Labeler 2.0
Doesnt seem to work when placed in the addon folder. Maybe some kind of extra lua coding is required but there are no instructions for server moderators that dont code, so its kinda dead for me.

3D text
This works nicely but there are a few problems:
Major Management Problem:

  1. Cant clean up the text. You hit clean up all and it does not go away. Again Im sure something that can be fixed with coding, but something I cant fix.
  2. I don’t see a setting in the code to restrict the number of times the tool can be used.

Minor Problem:
3) Would be nice if you could attach it to an object so when you rotate the object, the text rotates with it.

I’ll be contacting the creator, hopefully he can fix some of it.

Yeah… But the sell of blackmarket E2’s, Wire Explosives, and Wire Rangers is a pretty big business.

I’d pay 5 bucks to watch experienced wiremodders go at it.