Writing on walls

What is a good way to make writing on walls for every one to see while they are playing on my map? I see alot of maps that say “by (name)” “Create by (name)” and i wanted to do something similar.

Care to elaborate? Do you mean like a text that scrolls/fades/scans in on the screen, or a fixed writing on a wall, like a texture?


A: Make a custom texture


B: And I discourage this one, make the letters out of brushes.

You could use a game_text, depending on the game. Game_text gives the scrolling/fading/scanning text effect. Though, I believe that game_text doesn’t work in GMod. I’m not sure though.

Can people see custom textures?


Writing on walls.

They can see custom textures if you use pakrat to put the custom texture into the .vmf

Oooh, useful. downloads

Plastering your name all over the map is dumb. It’s irritating to have to look at, and most of the time people really don’t care who made the map, just if it’s playable or not.