Wrong beta Key??

Hey Guys.

I tryed to register a Rust Account
Then the Site say me i have a Invaild Beta key.
It is a Original Key. Whats wrong ? Is the Site bugged?

LG Arkoni

Well… how did you get the key?
I’m pretty skeptical you actually have a legit key, especially seeing as this is your first post.

Someone else already used your key. Unless you won your key you most likely were too late on using it.

From a Friend.

Then he probably lied? :quagmire:

is there a way 2 Change the key?

Not sure if trolling, or just got scammed when buying a key.

EDIT: Option 3 of my ideas of what is happening would be he is trying to get a new key from one which was never useable / got used obviously.

No. I got the Key from my Friend. And today i wanna make the register and then he said Invaild beta Key. I know its my First Post but everyone starts small. Is there any Way or Chance 2 get a working key or Change the allready in use Key?
Thx for your Answers

Nope, you can’t get a replacement key. Everyone would appreciate it if you would lurk some more.

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He told you it was a invalid beta key?

its account bound, your friend probably thought you could reuse the key again

Yeah it says invaild Key. The Beta Keys how many numbers they have? They have 6 number? When no he trolled me…

lol nope

Did you think that people will believe you? Do you really think people are that stupid? like…the funniest part of this whole story is when you came out with this idea like : oh i’m gonna try this it’s probably going to work. SO hilarious! haha but nice try anyway, it’s audacious, you’re going to do big things in your life, you just need practice! I love that effort!

Whats wrong with you? I dont wanna troll somebody or steal anything. I became this Key and wanna use it. I doesnt work ok fine. No i asked for a way 2 get a working Key. Thats all…

Arkoni evolved into a key. :v:

they said he could become anything so he became a key x)


xD ^^ but overall its not Funny…

Feed it some rare common sense!

Yes it is.

Your friend saw a key posted and instead of registering an account he could give to you, he just sent you the key while someone else registered with it without either of you knowing.

Now you know what happened so stop asking for a key.