Wrong Connection Protocol

Just updated hoping it would fix the Checksum error but instead it hands over another problem to be solved. Wrong Connection Protocol…

Wrong Connection Protocol usually means that the server and client are a different version. That usually happens when you try to connect to a server that hasn’t been updated yet.

I have this problem too

i install new server today, client updated… playing… but… i logout from server, and next connection = kicked Wrong connection protocol :frowning:

It seems that there is a server update needed. I updated my client and couldnt join the server either.
I ran Steam update on my server but it seems that there is no update for this error so far.

So if you update your client now, you wont be able to join a server untill its updated :-/

i updated to the lastest patch today aswell and i also saw a smaller update just now a few hours after the orginal update and it made my client a different version from all the servers so i get the same issue and unable to connect to them

so now checksum errors and wrong protocol errors. booo

yup, Ill guess we have to wait for a server update to be pushed through :frowning:

Seems like I’m having this issue as well now. I was playing on this server last night without issue. I logged in this morning before going to work and all was well. There are no client updates in Steam if there was a server update. It looks like there was a server update, but no client update to match it.

I think its the other way around. I updated my server today and was able to play on it. I went offline, received a client update and couldnt join anymore.

kicked: Wrong Connection Protocol
help server is update, kick"s all players!!!

same problem here…server name: facepunch milan, after the update my server isn’t even displayed in the “official servers” list, i can see it only in “history” and it said that there are 37 players on, it’s a client problem?

Same problem on 2 servers

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update servers again
for me, it works !!!