Wrong dimension + bonus

Master Chief: “This isn’t Earth.”

Bonus: (R click view image)


[sp]If you can’t figure it out it is a series of comics I am hoping to write[/sp]

Lol I love the Cop.

lol awesome

Expressions are priceless.

Is that xenomorph-ish guy supposed to be an elite? Nice expressions I love them.

Nope, just an Alien. (reality engineer)

All will be explained.

You ruined the alien.

the alien is going :ughh: lol nice posing and the expressions lol

It was already ruined after aliens resurrection.

Besides, technically it’s not an alien any more.

Whoah I lol’d.
It’s pretty and fine.The guy with the phone,is there a rebel with a similar face?I want him.

What exactly is going on in the 1st pic?

The Aliens themselves were okay in resurrection, it was the movie itself. The Skin is just plain ugly looking.

Meh, opinions.

The original is a hellava lot more low res.


The “Alien” has brought the Master-Chief back to the wrong Earth.

Awesome! Definetly wanna read.