Wrong evolve motd popping up?

I’ve added the plugin I have my own motd.txt named evolvemotd.txt.
What I don’t get is when I bring up the motd in-game I get a motd from a different server I joined once. I may have put the evolvemotd.txt file in the wrong spot but otherwise idk. I don’t get why someone else’s motd is popping up and i can’t get mine to do so. I tried having it in the main evolve admin mod folder, than in the Main gmod folder. Idk what else to try so if you can help plz do.

If you could tell me where to put the evolvemotd.txt

Hey, I got my own server the other day which there isn’t really much point for because I’m not allowed to do my port forwarding >.< but I’m just playing around with the server incase I’m allowed, but anyway:

I downloaded divrans motd a few minutes ago and after making the HTML on some website and pasting the .txt into C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\data it cam up with someone elses in game, so I went into my steam Garrysmod
C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\steam\steamapps you know how it goes, and in my data i found another evolve motd of the one that popped up so I deleted it and mine works fine now =D

I know its an old thread but this pissed me off for a long time I had a similar problem anyways

If you are worried about people who have connected to your server not getting your new motd just open the sh_motd2.lua and replace evolvemotd.txt with evolvemotd1.txt it should change 3 lines then just rename ur txt file to evolvemotd1.txt

you ave to edite the lua file and change all the places you see evolvemotd.txt and change them all to somthing else. then go change your evolvemotd.txt itself and name it somthing no other servers will have. its kinda hard to explian.