Wrong side out face flexes

Time ago I have tried to make faceposeable ragdoll, but for some reason face flexes working very strange after compiling. Vertexes are moving to the wrong side. A made a mouth open flex - it closing lips randomly, not fully as mouth opening.

Here’s how it looking on eyeclose flex

In 3D Max:

Result(eyelashes just rising up for a little but eyelid not moving for some reason):

I’m using vtacreate.exe - it worked fine time ago. But now this random problem =/

blinking is broken in GMod, no idea why. Try compiling for TF2 or HL2 and using their tools.

It’s not for blinking only. It’s for all flexes I making.

Either way, get modelling help there: http://facepunch.com/forumdisplay.php?f=40
Hardly anybody knows anything about modelling here.