Ok guys so i was playing rust today, as i do everyday, and saw that i was gamebanned … i have never used cheats…

I am not even a good player, look at my stats, they would be better if i was a cheater, also look at how many hours i have on my profile, there is NO WAY i am a cheater.

Also, the previous bans on my account are from another game, wich i admit, was cheating, but since then, i have NEVER CHEATED, I SWEAR

I can share a youtube video of the exact time where i got banned, as proof, i can also screenshot my desktop as proof, to show that no hacks are installed.

i swear i havent used hack, only thing i can imagine that happened is, yesterday, somebody broke into my house, and they LEFT RUST RUNNING after they left, so i think they are the ones that installed the hacks.

Also, ever since my fish died, i gave hes laptop to my cat, but it hadbad fps, so i let the cat play on my computer aswell, so it and may have installed these hacks…? (he may have even been working with the burglars, come to think of it …)

Either way, i DID NOT USE HACKS

I will sue you for 1 billion dollars if you do not unban, i ahve done this before to other game developers and it has worked in the past !!!

yea so basically can we just have a seperate subforum or sonething for these threads, i love them, i check the forum daily, having to ctrl-F : ban to find these awsome threads, so i just wish there was a place where they where all put together.

my favourite part;)

Gee why not buy another copy of rust with your billion dollars.

Did you forget to take meds today m8?

I think what he says is “i love seeing threads where people bitch about bans can we have a subforum for that” but he described a ban example thread waaay too graphic

It was probably your Cousin or your Cousins Sisters Boyfriend.

^ this, yes please

EDIT: this should point to the post thats 2 spots above this one :wink:

This is actually one of the most plausible explanation for a ban I’ve seen in a while. PLEASE UNBAN THIS POOR MAN!

Seems legit.

Just to point it out. The OP is a parody.

And jesus christ, learn how to format long posts developer.

This is glorious. Garry, please promote thatdeveloper to a moderator. I believe we’ve reached peak Rust.

Only thing missing was a “friend” that is most likely the OP on a different device trying to vouch the OP’s innocence. Otherwise pretty spot on.

or the Cousin

I am thatdeveloper’s cat and no way has he ever cheated at Rust, yes ok we use to cheat at [every game in my steam inventory] but now we are legit.

And I didn’t eat the fish it was an abusive admin.

Fck you kitty, i know it was you, together with the burgler, thx to YOU, MY account is now banned.
It has to have been you guys, since i never cheated, i better not see you on my lawn when i get home !! ill git u gud

and @Amic, yes, i know, formatting is not my strongest side …, i mean, thats frontend work man, not my job :slight_smile:
(backend devs will get this)

Ah, bait and switch I see…clever. Nice try kid

Just busted yourself lying.

Please don’t ban the OP.