So basically, like seeing a poor hobo in the parking lot whom you know is not a crack head and is legitly down on his luck, I have this sad feeling whenever I see Winter Survival servers, mainly because of this…

These maps are lacking in the imagination department, they have no thought, just a random slew of props compiled into a bsp, the only thing that’s winter about these maps is one texture, there is no real effort into it.

So taking a whole 2 hours I decided to make a nicely themed map for all the little winter survival servers out there.


The map has all the things the other maps have for the game mode, plus it has snowfall, ambiance, and fog.

This is the actual size of the map, fairly large if you don’t kn ow your way around.

The map has been uploaded to both toybox and Enjoy.

It’s kinda ironic how this is exactly like the map that you say is crap, except yours has rain and fog. This is alright but it could be much better. For example, there’s snow underwater and you just put a few rocks here and there. I’m sure you could improve this a lot.

Where to start… Razor sharp displacements, single texture, excessive fog, things meant for skybox in close proximity to where the player can go, props such as your antlion hills and trees are all angled the same…

You really overwhelm me with your imagination.

guess you guys have trouble reading so I’ll bring the focus there, I’ve made far more complex maps then this, I know and understand this is a bare min map, but then again the game-mode itself doesn’t ask for much, if you have a map with water rocks and trees that’s all that’s needed, at least now when people play on this it’ll actually feel like winter survival and not open sandbox shit.

Plus if you guys think you can do better go for it :V

I’ve always wanted to make a winter-survival map, but I always get bored half way through creating it :v:

yeah me to, this is like the 20th time I would try to make one but go, ehhhhh.

I have seen worse but then again I have seen better, keep at it though.

I must say, I do like how the ground turned out with the fog. Looks much better than when it is smoother! :buddy:

The game mode ‘not asking for much’ is a poor excuse to be honest. Same models are repeated so many times over. The landscape is bland and lacking any real terrain. Its all too flat. The player shouldn’t be able to run to the edge of the map either. There is a void between the tree cards and the trees/ant lion hills in the middle were there are no trees, looks weird.

Also, why is it raining if it is a polar environment? Should be snowing really shouldn’t it?

Models are repeated because to my knowledge those are the only ones the game mode accepts, the terrain is in fact not flat but very diverse throughout the map.

Since you made the comment of letting a player run to the edge of the map I can fully assume you didn’t even download the map and looked at it in game play :V the entire edge slopes of the map have a clip brush so players can’t traverse outside the map, I usually take more from others opinions if they at least walked through the map in-game and not just assume things from picks :V

It’s raining an snowing.

Also fyi for anyone else, it’s not the fact that I can’t make detailed maps, but rather just the fact that this was a quickie intended to provide WS servers with something better. What levels I am capable of are like this.

So don’t question yourself on weather or not I made this with “All my possible skill” :V

I know you’re a good mapper, and you’re proven that in your thread, but this isn’t how it works. If an amazing artist paints an amazing painting then sells it for millions then draws a penis in five minutes, people aren’t gonna say “oooh, that guy’s talented so everything he makes is gold”.

This map is very lazily done. I quite like the terrain although it could do with being smoothed out in one or two places but the models need to be rotated, the fog is ridiculous - it’s really, really sub par.

Well that’s the thing, I never expected people to be like OMG A FOREST MAP WITH FOG AND SNOW?! HOLY SHIET :V!!!

It was just more of a “Here is a less shitty map then what the servers use, enjoy” all I expected was “Ah okay thanks for looking out for those poor WS kids”

It’s just a meh thing :V

Well it’s really not “less shitty”. In fact, it’s probably even more so with the extremely dense fog.

It doesn’t even look like you rotated the props.

I think you misunderstood what I meant. I know the player cant actually run to the edge of the map to the point where they fall off. But they are in fact able to make contact with the last boundary of the map, the player shouldn’t really ever get that close to the sky box in an instance like that. Its really unrealistic to have a few low res trees separating you between ultimate freedom and constant constraints within an area.

Also it wouldn’t really be raining if there was that much snow on the ground and, if it was a mixture of rain and snow then it would be sleet so it wouldn’t look like rain or snow really, more of ice balls.

I am not trying to act like a dick towards you or your map, but you can’t call other maps and then make one just as bad, it doesn’t matter how good of a map you have made in the past, I am sure you are a good mapper, but if so then why not take a little bit of extra time on this one and make it a little better?

Poor excuse for a map, very little detail and like stated earlier, pointy sharp displacements. Put more effort in before you release maps please.

Its a shame you didn’t put more effort in it. seeing how much you did too your other maps.

This map you just make needs improvement, but I’d love to get a download link to rp_ragnarock_wasteland.

Honestly, I prefer the fog, that’s something I’ve seen as a flaw the few times I’ve played WS. I don’t think you should be able to see clear across the map. I might suggest increasing the view distance a little bit though. Because as is, the fog seems like a feature made simply to help make the choppy terrain and repetitive props less conspicuous. Also, as noted before there shouoldn’t be snow under water, every flaw you pointed out with the other maps is present in this one. “A whole 2 hours” isn’t an effort, it isn’t even a nice try. I put far more time into my maps, which frankly aren’t as good as your other work, but that’s because I’m making an effort. I’m positive the other maps suffer from the same condition as this one, and it’s nothing more than wanting to bang out a function at minimum map as quickly as possible. I’d probably play this or GMS more often if it weren’t for that. Showing off better maps you’ve made in the past, if anything, raises the expectations people have for you and doesn’t excuse knocking others down a peg when you do the same thing they did.

Omega, the fact you can make better maps than this one you made makes me only more angry. I just can’t understand what you are doing, since this map is utterly shit compared to the others.
You just put more effort into it, or don’t release it, because you can give more than this.