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Chill out, Relax, RolePlay Our IP is: Adding all the extras to Rp Such as : Durgz mod 2.1, Special Sweps Per Certain jobs, Custom admin or non-admin jobs.

No you dont have to “smoke weed” to Play Just come here to have fun relax and do some Roleplay the admins are pretty cool and fun to talk to or hang with we dont anger easily and love helping the Rp’er out as much as we can we have a forum at I hope to see some new people on the server.We would love some input and ideas for the server any changes we need to make we will listen to what you have to say

Thanks for reading and enjoy :smiley:

There is an RP forum for a reason.

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Red The sticky on the RP section.
With something like this, people is going to think that your server is bad.
Sure, AdQuality=/=ServerQuality, but if you have a bad Ad, people thinks that you put the same effort for this and your server

AHGHFSYAHFDSKHFGBSHKSKHJ If I were going to join your server, you would need to describe it much better.