WTB mature friends


Alright so i haven’t been playing Rust lately but i do want to get back in the action (got 481 hours on rust) however… I don’t want to hop in and see a huge base already and not much left to do. I actually want to start fresh somewhere (idc you can pick a server)

So do you want to start somewhere? (Fyi: Wipe is 6th August so we got some time to have fun)

I’m 21 years old and i’m from The Netherlands.


  • 18+ or not squeeky as fuck lol
  • Microphone

Throw me your name and i’ll add you on Steam.

Have a nice day.

Want To Buy mature friends?

how much you pay ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a modded server (actually located in Netherlands), with a smaller playerbase where we pretty much have all elements - base builders, raiders, hunters, events etc.

You’re welcome to add me on Steam and hear more or join the server :wink:

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Hey Da St hit me up on steam, TurtleWingAlpha, also solo and looking for somone to start fresh with

my small group (in our 30s) and i play on rustopia |EU/UK| (amazing vanilla server with very active and professional admin) which is wiping on the 6th. we’re not aggressive, prefer to build who do a bit of raiding every now and again, very laid back game play

give me a tinkle on steam - hadri1983 or hadri

50 bucks a week. Deal?