"WTF Are You?" - TF141's are breaking into russian fort




Who uses forts now adays. and shouldn’t there be more than one Russian if it’s a fort?

He is a guard.

I disagreed.

If you wish for things to run the way you want them to run… Then yes, you need a fort.

The picture is rather good but the guard looks rather stiff.

Wouldn’t you be?

Why are they asking “What the fuck are you?”

He is clearly human.

Pose from the guard is excelent.

Ease up on the burning. It looks totally out of place and only emphasises your poor isolation or complete lack of isolation.


And I’ve never seen someone get so excited about the negligible improvements PNGs offer.

no he isn’t – he’s the warden. the noble; the owner of the land. you dare jest him and yea are bound t’be slain

I think the way Soap’s legs are positioned looks a bit odd.

Since when is an outhouse a fort?

Is it me or does the Russian’s eyes look like he’s an angry Asian about to break out the chopsticks on Soap’s face?

As said before, doesn’t look like a fort, but nice posing and editing.

Wow, that is real nice.

except for the fact that isn’t a fort…

cut it out. what’s the matter with fort? don’t U like fort? I like fort.

Looks like the guard just got done using the outhouse so i would be a bit surprised if i saw two marines right as a i walked out :stuck_out_tongue:

first thing that came through my mind


Nice picture :smiley: its pretty good… WTF=who the fuck?

What are your settings o_O