WTF!!! Cupboard radius!!!

How is possible?


Another one of FacePunch’s brilliant ideas (sarcasm). Cupboards don’t protect downwards. They’re firm that they are getting rid of tool cupboards eventually (which I’m all for), so in there words they’re slowly adapting the game so players don’t get to reliant on them.

However we haven’t seen a change to the system in months and they haven’t shown any signs of a solution to replacing them yet.

The change that made cupboards not protect downwards was completely pointless, all it did was make it so you can’t build on even a slight slope because people exploit another one of their broken mechanics and build over their walls because you can build around 10-20 metres above your head and construct a tower high enough to jump over said walls while still being low enough not to be blocked.

It’s ridiculous, if they don’t have a solution to removing them yet then they should change the block radius back to a sphere rather then a dome. All it’s doing is preventing people from building on slopes and helping newer players get raided easier because they don’t yet know not to build on a slope.

Welcome raid! stupid idea. It makes no sense to play, anyway raid.

It actually goes down 1 floorish below the floor it’s on. If you put the TC on the second floor, it will shield the first floor…depending on how high your foundation is… it may or may not shield all of it.

In the video you didn’t show where is the cupboard. Is it first floor or second floor? Please make an updated video where you also show the cupboard position.

Spherical cupboards are pretty OP, much prefer the 60% sphere.

It doesn’t stop you from building anywhere, it just means you need to actual confirm your building block zones.

having to have the tool cuborad on the ground floor is a waist of time and a liability,
It makes it far too easey to find even if you are sort of clever and hide it in webbing off centre its still too easey to find …the worst idea facepunch had

If you could place it no higher than 3 floors up and let it protect above and below 3 floors it would be a great improvment at least then you would have a chance of hiding it

Just my thoughts

Until there is a better mechanic, or better items to offer protection outside a base, I don’t see the tool cupboard changing all that much anymore.