WTF did I just see?

I literally just saw this, I immediately logged out and was just like WTF did I just see. I was walking just above a rad zone in a area with houses and resources and I heard a guy talking on voice chat. He had his back to me so I crept up behind to hear what he was saying and he was walking up to this house going “Dude are you home”. He then jumped up in the air like neo out of the matrix like 3 or 4 stories high and lands on the roof of this 2 story house, he walks around the roof a few times saying, “Dude are you home” and then he jumps back down just like he got up. He jumped down right in front of me, face to face, and said to me, “Oh… hello.” and I said, “Dude, what the fuck was that? I just saw you jump up on that roof like that, how did you do that”? Well, he paused for a second then turned around and ran from me. Now I have heard people talk about duping and hacks and stuff but that is the first thing I’ve seen with my own eyes that really made me go, oh shit!

Its hard to follow what you mean, it looked like he teleported to the roof? If so, that’s just lag, assuming he was on the roof and then jumped off, it kinda bounces around for a few seconds sometimes, if that’s not what you mean, then I call shenanigans.

No i thinks he said the guys have like ‘‘a super big jump’’ hack

Well then I would say yes, they are playing around with some code no doubt.

I saw this guy walk up to a 2 story house. He jumped upon the roof, walked back and forth twice and jumped back down. When I saw him leap on and off he went in an arc from the ground, way up in the air and back down. The odd thing is it did make kind of a silver blur effect when he jumped but if it was some kind of freaky lag or something, still how could you jump onto a two story house. And he definitely seemed to be controlling it, or doing it on purpose. And I guess the thing that really got me is where he actually talked to me and I asked him, I literally said, “Dude what the fuck was that. I saw you jump on that roof. How did you do that?” and instead of saying anything he just runs…
Well obviously I don’t know exactly what or how it happened it just actually freaked me out a little. Enough to where I was like, ok. I gotta log out for a few minutes…

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I mean I’m not even sure what you’d do with a super jump if that’s all it does. He didn’t walk through the guys walls or anything it was just really weird.

Yeah, that does seem out of place, it’s not really game breaking or anything. I couldn’t tell you, but my bet is on it just being a strange glitch, and maybe he didn’t hear you.

yeah , this was one US East - his name is (>Defiance or something like that , me and a teammate both have videos of him doing this , and they will be uploaded shortly. Also , he says he is developing cheats for the game… video to come shortly

Here is the video of him admitting to developing cheats and using his super jump —