WTF, did my gmod just enter the game grid? (TRON)

I was playing all nicely and happily on a nice bit of STRONGHOLD
when instantly everything changed to this

It’s your graphics card

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Use [noparse]


This has recently started to happen to me as well just last week.

Please read the sticky at the top of the page…

Helpful time:

Try updating your graphics drivers.

It’s your graphics card/CPU overheating.

Seems like corrupted texture files. Verify your GMod cache and run a defrag.

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Or, it COULD be this.

Recognise your username. Ratchetstrike?

Oh and yeah, your graphics card is likely fried. If fonts start to mess up too, it might not be that.

Open up your computer and check your graphics card. if any on the contacts/transistors are not connected, then the heat probably melted the solder. Which means you should get a new card. But if its fine, check for new drivers for the card.

You should always try updating your Graphics Driver before going for a replacement. It’s worth a shot.