Common are you kidding me! that’s why I got this game…

(User was banned for this post ("all caps thread title, missed all the other threads" - postal))

You clearly did not read into what you were buying. This was originally a zombie survival game, but now it isn’t, this has been planned for MONTHS. Next time do your research, this was your fault.


ANOTHER one… please read the forums folks, you don’t even have to search on this one, just look down a little…

How about you become the zombie of your server and walk around moaning and groaning?

also make sure you always carry blue prints so when you are killed our Zombie Loot Table still exist.

This idea is incredible.

Your 9 posts will be missed.

yeah, that was dickish

zombie survival game lol…

some of you guys are really just funny…

That is a great idea, I WANT ZOMBIES BACK. who wants to be a zombie with me

lol, dont be silly

:smiley: hehe nice thinking :slight_smile:

great idea for tomorrow when our server get update so i can finally play - i will definitely try that :slight_smile: