wtf has happened to Garry's Mod?

So I haven’t really played any GMod for about a year and a half and decided to play some good old F2S today since it’s been a really long time and I needed to blow off some steam, Anyway the first server [Hells Gamers] I join (I used to play a lot of this server, i even still had my money and guns from a year and a half ago), I get kicked within about 5 seconds, I rejoined about 12 or so times and just kept getting kicked, it wasn’t an automatic kick as I saw an admin mis-type the kick command into chat. No explanations or rules broken I hadn’t even clicked the spawn button yet. I even tried putting the [HG] tag into my name just in case, it wasn’t that :confused:

Go figure, anyway not phased but a bit annoyed that my old favourite server is now ran/taken over by douchenozzles I decided to join the only other populated F2S server, all seems good as I wasn’t getting kicked. That is until I successfully blowtorch my way into someones base, only to catch the persons base who it belonged to noclip in and destroy my spawns, I’m a quick thinker and made more before i got froze and kicked with the reason “.”, I rejoined and caught him doing the exact same thing to someone else before I got permanently banned (I hadn’t even shot anyone or moved, i saw it in spectator before i got into the game), again with the reason “.”.

WTF has happened to GMod, have the days of jumping in and raiding some bases gone? I know it’s always been rife with abusing owners/admins and servers ran by twazzoks but there was always a few good and well ran servers, it seems now to be ran by even younger kids who seem to love abusing and there are no good servers left at all. Is this what GMod has become? When did this happen? Did it happen suddenly or over a longer period of time?

It has been around for a long time now, just under the radar, I’ve been banned from very, very many servers in the past few months for “cheating” or “aimbot” because I was better than an administrator, it’s just children being promoted to admin and doing as they wish, or paying for admin because it’s their “favorite server” it makes you about as sad as it makes me, considering how long I’ve been around in GMod.

thanks to youtubers, gmod has become very popular very fast. many new comers are of a younger age and are used to games were there is not so much responsibility, and they abuse their powers in gmod. There are still good servers out there, with good admins, but they will take some time to find

Offtopic… dafuq is a twazzok?

Youre asking wtf happened to gmod?

Gmod is a physics sandbox, and people turned it into scriptkiddie paradise with all the random shit gamemodes and addons.

I point at you, and say you’re in the wrong as far as accusing gmod goes. Servers on the other hand are run by the retarded little kids.

yeah because im sure you always play sandbox on gmod right

So true.
YouTube LPers: The #1 way to destroy a games community.

I miss the old props vs humans gamemode, i could really go for a match right now.

Garry should implement a feature in the future version that makes you take some intelligence test the first time you run the game and only lets you play if you get a decent result, otherwise closes the game and doesn’t let you run it for a year or something.

Me and my friend were on a “Sandbox” server, and we keep getting jailed by this kid who was the owner, and he kept screaming into the mic for no reason. To be honest garry needs to come up with something to prevent this.

in the end there is nothing you can do. its the peoples server, they can do as they please. Just server hop until you find something worthwhile and bookmark it for later. The only way to get rid of the terrible servers is to just not play on them

There should be a “Stupid Server”-Database, or a “Server you can play on”-List xD
We could list servers with nice administration :smiley:

I agree, gmod’s player base has taken a turn for the worst. I’ve had gmod since about 2009 and I can’t even recognize the game anymore. for the most part I enjoy a lot of the changes that have happened to gmod, but the community is worse than Nazi Germany. Same story for minecraft. Everything popular sucks.

I feel like a hipster…

Do you mean Prophunt? That’s widely popular right now due to Youtubers. You should be able to find a match pretty easily.

Really? It’s not the prophunt from cs where you hide.

Unfortunately, there are more bad servers, than there are good.

Find a good, organized server/community, and you should be good :slight_smile:

New kids who found out what Dark RP is.

It’s been this way ever since Gmod 9, really.

No, in Gmod 9 (and 10 for a short while) we had decent servers like “puzzle”, violence evolved, sassilization and the original mr greens zombie survival, they weren’t perfect but by god they were far better than todays mods

the thing hate about garry’s mod and dark rp/gamemodes in general is the fact i can never find a true vanilla server anymore, if i join a server i have to usually download about 400mb worth of things from the workshop or set it so it doesn’t download anything and suffer errors.