"WTF, Hold on tight, Don't let go!" - Chopper hit, Soldier Panic


i edit it and pose it

Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/gm_bigcity000210.jpg

Awesome, but what is the grey ish stuff?
It looks a bit too copied for smoke.

hm… kinda…


uh nevermind kinda RPG

I like it a lot actually, cool idea.

Looks cool!!!

i edit it and pose it

Looks nice.

Oh yeah about that PM: I’m making you a mini-tut of sorts now.

I like the editing, but the guy falling out looks dead.

i agreed.



It might just be me but, they don’t seem to have any guns :v:

Looks great dude, smoke on the explosion looks a little off, but that’s only if you look hard.

[sp]And are there any pilots ? :v:[/sp]

pilot is in there but you cant see :o

I’m starting to love your pics.

Great DOF, editing looks nice, the angle is great and the posing is quite nice.

Yay, another middle-eastern war screenshot!

At least this one has something interesting happening.

Yes, because a helicopter being shot down with US Army soldiers in it OBVIOUSLY means they’re in the Middle East.

Good except the landing gear is still down.


I want the models :confused:

I’m glad my little tips helped ya, if you used them here.

Yes, what models are they? (soldiers and helicopter.)

Rated artistic.

Offtopic; I love your avatar.

Very good. I like how you made the explosion. Very creative. :smiley: