WTF is being done about cheaters?

I’ve already put in a decent 105 hours in the game along with some good friends putting in over 200. And after a long building experience on North America 4 server, me and 3 friends were hacked to absolute shit.

A player with the steam name of “black people” not only killed us with extremely precise shots to the head every time, but he did it through metal doors. Then when we re-spawned in the rooms where we had perished the backpacks of our gear had been looted. No doors had been blown down to get there, nothing. They just “disappeared” without being looted properly. So he not only walled us, but he had to have no-clipped it.

The fact the ever so capable “VAC” secured server can’t handle this is asinine by itself.
I’m hoping there is some developer or staff that is dealing with this currently and can serve the required justice and deal it swiftly.

Nothing can ruin this game more than a hacker. **

VAC doesn’t stop the hack, it bans them after the fact to stop them from doing it again.

Kind of like how courts don’t stop the crime from happening, they give them the sentence- VAC operates the same way. Like a court, the person needs to be caught. VAC is pretty solid, but has it’s flaws.

What are the police? Admins. Not sure if official servers have admins or not, but rest assured if he’s a book smart but not actually VAC smart hacker he will be banned.

In the event that he is a VAC smart hacker, then you would have needed his steam ID in hopes that an admin for here would ban him manually.

I read somewhere that VAC hasn’t been implemented yet in Rust, which is why hacking isn’t being dealt with.

yeah vac isn’t even implemented into rust according to the steam store page.

I’d like an official reply to whether or not VAC has been implemented or not?

I think about uninstall the game and not recommend buying it to anyone. I spent more than 200 hours and then came cheter, and the third day kill all. 20-30 ppl reported him mass times but nothing…
his profile UK1.
WHY NO admins on OFFICIAL servers just why?

Hi all, please die many many more times and give us all your hard earned shit, you no longer deserve it after adolescent whimpering. gg.

Actually one of the biggest problem that Rust have are cheaters…and their ‘new’ cheat (Aimbot, radar to know where is people, resources, animals & zombies) that has been released 23/12/2013. The other problem is that VAC is not enabled even that load screen says that VAC protects Rust (False).

The only thing we can do it’s to get steam-user of the hacker, try to get proof & save it. Then, when they enable a place to report we report all cheaters & we hope the enable VAC…

I have feel the bad-skills of cheaters using aimbot =/ they massacred us (10 players) in a few seconds (All headshots in less 5 segs) assaulting our base… lel. The admin of the private server banned them (They used crosshair & released some crosshair program so with that and some evidence they got banned for the second time on the server, and some of them have their first user of steam banned by VAC of Counter-Strike).

VAC protects rust. The problem is, there is no submission process at all, there is no way to monitor and catch a hacker.

Basically an administrator that does not exist on any official server would have to see the events unfold first-hand and then they could manually apply a VAC ban to their steam account.

There is no automated system and will not be for at least 2 years.

No it doesn’t. VAC isn’t even turned on. It just says that on the load screen to scare people.

yup its an awsome game but if i knew there was this many hackers i wouldnt have bought this game. i just stopped playing and i love the game but its not worth to spend time on it with all the hackers around.

Was playing on North America #3 with a friend, we got killed a couple times by a series of rapidfire headshots. No one around, no how. No shoot noise, just headshot noise. The guys were running under the name of Running Man 01, Running Man 02 and Running Man 03. Glad the deathscreen show names now. The headshots happened after we killed one of them, and that happened two times. Other people reported they being invisible, suffering same headshots issues and having bases raided 'cause of the invisibility. I lost many hours of gathering because of that, aside from the freaking fun. One guy reported they were speaking Chinese.

Don’t let this game become DayZ Mod.

My suggestion is to not play on official servers… simply because the admins are never online to deal with any of these problems. There is so much lag because of all the koreans on USA servers. And the hackers are free to come and go because no one takes action. On a community server much easier for you to contact an admin and have the hacker banned :slight_smile: You and your buds should come play with us we just left USA East coast large. go to console (f1) type net.connect

Hope to see you in game! GL

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Garry is already aware of hackers.

VAC is in place, but having VAC requires Devs or Valve to update it. And plus the only way they could detect a hack is to know exactly what it is in the first place.

People are always creating new ones to get around VAC, plus it’s a alpha, Garry has to fix things up before he has to worry about them.