Wtf is going on? (crashes/connection)

Hello all
Let me start of by saying I have 500+ hours on this game (my steam profile: “”). I started playing this game as soon as the “new” version of Rust came, there were bugs but none of them were that bad that the game was LITERALLY unplayable.

Last three patches, including this one killed the game for me. I don’t know what developers did but not only was I playing last 4 months on lowest possible graphics and suffered random 30 FPS drops alongside freezes that last 1-4secs, at first it didn’t bother me, will get fixed within next patch right? Well wrong, this patch not only made that worse but bring up new shit: “you are already connected” issue to me and my friends, what happens is when the game crashes (this game has never crashed for me or my friend before) is that you get this message: “you are already connected” while clearly you are not and are trying to connected to the server you just crashed from but you can’t until the server restarts (this bug can occur even if you just log out and try to play the game again).
It’s funny to me how developers don’t give a fuc* about performance issues or even better, THEIR OWN SERVERS! This all happened (AND STILL IS) on Official server: “London II” and “Amsterdam II”. I didn’t play on any other official servers but I bet it’s the same.

Fix your retarded chopper, why does it shoot on people with hatchets, pickaxes, rocks and torches?? That chopper has extremely good AI but your animals are like autists compared to chopper AI, sup with that??
Also the new shit with quarries, pumps, high quality metal and removing the radiation from RADIATION TOWNS ruined the game. Guys who play alone don’t stand a chance anymore or the people who are in groups of 3-4. This game is forcing you to join some fkn clan to survive, why not just put on your servers as soon as you log in: “Which clan would you like to join???: Cyka_blyat, USA FREEDOM, NAZIS, NORTH KOREA”… It’s fkn retarded, if you expect that SOLO players (or 3) need to find quarry, pump jack and oil refinery recipes just to stand a SLIGHTEST chance of getting gear and legit weapons AND then build them, secure them, against clans… Well I don’t know what kind of crack you were on but I would like to know. You have to understand our point of view that it’s impossible to build or play for anything, remember that I am talking about official servers. Since the first time I played with my friends (or 4 months back) we barely made 3 guns now, in total… We used to have a castle before, everyone had a chance to fight back, make a comeback into the game. Now it’s just plain impossible. Official servers…

That moment you played a game for 500 hours and the game literally patch it’s self to give you a middle finger. I can play Planetside 2 if I wanted “clan” fights, some fkn survival game this is now lol…
Here you go before you get your dic*s out:

Have you tried playing in a less populated server to give you a higher chance of gathering more resources? Heading into one of the more densely populated servers by yourself and then complaining that there’s too many people on there just doesn’t make sense to me.

With regards to the crashes you’re experiencing, it’s a known bug that is currently being worked on as of the latest patch.

That’s the point, we used to play before on highly populated servers and made all that, now we can’t. It clearly isn’t the problem in us. Also I did not complain about how many people there is, but how the game & devs. ENCOURAGES you to go in swarms to fight everyone, clans snipe nakeds on beaches for fun because they got nothing to do. Imagane if you bought this game and that happens, some nice fkn experience for first log in on OFFICIAL server.

Ok, let’s try a different approach then.

What would you change to make it more balanced for solo players that want to play on servers with 100’s of people?

If your issue is gathering resources, have you considered playing on a modded server that has increased the gathering parameters?

So the option is for me (and all solo players), is to SWITCH FROM >>OFFICIAL<< server to a modded one (for some reason) just to play the game accordingly?

Don’t you see that this mass automatization for resources on official servers butchered the game for lone wolves and small groups of survivors? The point is the game flew of from survival and building your own home to some fkn clan wars because of this.

Edit: Also I am not sure where did you see I want more stuff to be gathered from trees and rocks??? I want to REMOVE the automatization for resources from the survival game, it doesn’t belong in here.

Yes… Or atleast a less populated server to give you time to make permanent shelter. If you’re having trouble making friends that’s a viable option. This game has a lot of KOS, unless you’re running with friends there’s a very high chance that you’re not going to survive for a long time because of this. That’s the nature of the beast.

Have you considered taking over one of these quarries or using one of the random ones that sometimes are generated by the server seed?

The largest problem with this game is that it doesn’t work. I played about 350h and suddenly I got the message “you are already connected” when I try to join a server. Nothing fixes this issue and nobody adresses it. It was good while it lasted I guess but I suggest that nobody new buys this game. Because it’s broken. (and I didn’t even mention the performance issues, it’s like running a pi algorithm to calculate its decimals on an eniac)

Also, I agree with what veki22 said. A new player or a solo player has very little chance of doing anything properly. Even if he manages to make a small house it will get raided in a matter of hours because clans just cleanse servers of others. Not only that but everything is automised, I don’t even see the difference from this game and farmville anymore. You make a pumpjack, a quarry and let it mine/pump. P.S. if you are solo you will never build those lol. Even if you do, what will you do? protect it? hahahahahaha

Funny game, Rust, 2/10 -Wouldn’t play again

Amsterdam server is offline most the time, no one ever checks on that

Developers really don’t give a shit about their forums or their servers, from today’s morning to this hour it’s saying “you are already connected” for OFFICIAL server: London II, do they even PLAY THEIR OWN game, test it whatsoever??? Ffs… I don’t even know why I bother with this. Whatever…