WTF is going on the gamebanana

The site has been blocked by the google…wtf?

It’s not like we care about Gamebanana. Someone probably posted malicious content and google spotted it.

Shit happens, probably a false positive. Don’t keep bumping this thread.

Not a false, just checked.

Several images are infected with a virus again.

Well this sucks

Thanks for the heads up. Convinced a mate that just went on it to do a scan.
Found 2 viruses.

I remember years ago when I was active on fagbanana that it had gotten a virus, then everything went down hill. I still wonder why Tom changed it to gaybanana.

This seems to happen all the time with that site.

I still remember 5 years ago or something when me and my friends tried to replace every weapon in Counter-Strike with the most hilarious skins from that site

Good times…

Images cant contain viruses…

I paid the price.
My antivuris is not working. Trying to slap it back on. Goddamnit Windows Action Center.

I’m leaving GameBanana.

You can encode images. When an image deploys, the virus is activated.

I got banned when I was 12 from there.

I always wondered how people were able to navigate fpsbanana. I could never get my head around that layout, it made my eyes bleed.

yeah and macs cant get any viruses either!!!

Thats is correct

Haha :slight_smile: me and another friend made a keylogger in java

( for testing purpose ofcourse )

please dont hack me!!!

Dont worry man, your not important enough for him :v:

never said i would…
all i was trying to say is
MACs can get viruses

You all mock it. But as far as CS maps go, it is the #1 place to go get them from.